Project name Global EdVenture: Longitudinal Trip Around the World
Scheduled period April 2004 - April 2010
Purpose Experiencing, learning, and communicating the present conditions of the Earth with the aim of becoming the driving force behind promoting a common understanding about the global environment, bringing together collective ideas about the future of the people and the Earth, and creating a new global society.

Each member taking part in the project will focus on a theme (decided by him/herself), such as "Nature", "Ethnic groups", "Culture", "Health", and so forth.

They will communicate their study results and experiences in the field through this website and via real-time communication equipment.

Children in elementary and junior high schools around the country will utilize this to learn about the present conditions of the world today and acquire the ability to form their own ideas.

Members Several members will be assigned to each continent (e.g., 2 for expedition and 1 for base camp)
Route of travel The route connecting the northern and southern axes of the Earth (North Pole - South Pole - North Pole).
Mode of travel Traveling will be carried out without the reliance on motive power for as much of the route as possible. Travel on land will be on skis, foot, bicycle, and camel. Travel on the seas will be by canoe and kayak. Only where the fast currents prove too dangerous then a ferry will be used to transport the members and their equipment.