February 21, 2005 Russian Version

Resolute Bay is a small settlement (village) with a population of 300 people. We can see a meteorological station, an airport, and large tanks for fuel storage in a distance. The arrival of expedition is a big event for Resolute Bay. Everybody is very friendly and the expedition is welcoming. There are a lot of children, and children are the same everywhere. They are straightforward and quick to familiarize and play with us.

Local supermarket
Group of children are following us (left)
This is the way to carry small kids in cold weather (right)

Hotel Far away from home

The hotel we are staying is very nice. The bed linen is changed once in two days. The hotel's chief manager Lucas is a kind man. He helps us solve many important problems. Generally, everybody is kind, disinterested, not depraved by the fuss of urban life.

Equipments delivered by Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

A lot of equipment, there are a total of 39 boxes and we also brought something else with us. Everything must be unpacked, sorted and packed again for expedition. Sledges, skis, food for 4 months, warm clothes, tents, and other daily goods.

Food Pemmican

A set of food include: chocolate, strawberry drink, vitamins, biscuits, and confectionery. In the shining pack is pemmican - our base food. Not a big variety of food, but it's have a lot of calories - about 6000, and it is a pretty high value.

Mitsuro and I are sewing

We fixed the tents, because it didn't contain snow skirt, and we had to sew it. It is very important. I don't know why tent makers do not do it originally. It is good that we recognized this problem while we are in Japan and brought the needed material with us.

Computer is also a part of the equipment PLB for emergency case

The computer did not have Russian alphabet symbols on keyboard. So I made them from a film and stick on it. PLB is a very important device in our equipment. In case of emergency we can send a SOS radio signal by one click.

Preparations are going at a full speed. In next few days we plan to test tents and practice sledges and parachutes.

Stepan Gvozdev    

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