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Grise Fiord

18 Apr, 2008

I enjoyed meeting Mitsuro and Izuru in Grise Fiord (Pig Inlet) or as Inuit call it - the place that snow never mets. We stayed at the Co-op hotel together. We even shared Inuit country food at the feast (frozen raw caribou, cooked caribou stew, aged frozen walrus meat,
muqtuk (whale skin), polar bear stew, bannock and of course cake!

Safe travels. May there be wind in your sail!

Madeleine Redfern

Pleasure to meet you

18 Apr, 2008

I'm in Grise Fjord on work and now, by chance, as I'm typing this, I'm talking to Mitsuro Ohba.

Its an honour to have met you and I am happy to show my support for your educational efforts on the effects of global warming on the Arctic regions. It is certainly both valuable and necessary.

I watched as you did your phone interviews with Japanese students and with the participation with students from the local school.I know they all enjoyed it immensly.

Good Luck on the rest of your trip. I wish you all the best, you certainly deserve it.

Ron Goodson