Outline of the Canadian Arctic Edventure

experts profile Overall View of the Project


1. Longitudinal crossing of the Canada’s High Arctic from Resolute to Ward Hunt Island
2. Compare, experience, research and report the natural environment of the Canadian Arctic with that of 3 years ago
3. Experience and document the life and culture of Inuit people living in the Canadian Arctic

Throughout the activities above, we will raise awareness about the global environment and understanding of different cultures while creating a forum for examining and discussing the condition of global community in the future.


Second half of February 2008 to second half of May, 2008


Resolute (latitude 74.43 north and longitude 94.55 west) to Ward Hunt Island (latitude 83.04 north and longitude 74.04 west)



Foot and ski sailing

Education program

Select several pilot schools. Students of pilot school will continually study the environmental issues and learn about different cultures based on real-time communication with expedition members and reports uploaded on the Global EdVenture website by the expedition members. Questions that emerge in the process are posted on the website and will be answered by expedition members and experts from educational and research institutions.
>> Members will describe their experience in the field using text, photos and video in the Expedition Member Log on the website.
>> Pilot school students and expedition members will communicate once a week using satellite telephone. Expedition members will communicate what they saw and answer questions from students.
>> Expedition members and experts accept questions from pilot school students and general public through Global EdVenture Question Box on the website and answer them.
>> Internet IP phones will be used to create a forum for inter-culture exchange among pilot schools.
The forum will also be used to exchange information about the environmental issues faced by respective regions and discuss the issues of global environment.