February 20, 2005

After months of preparation, the team has finely reached Resolute Bay in Nunavut, Canada. This small community is named after one of Sir Franklin's boats, HMS Resolute, when he wintered in 1845. Resolute Bay has only a population of approx. 300 people, but still they have some infrastructure, such as schools, convenient stores, gas stations, hotels and a tiny Church to mention some.

The team leader Mr. Ohba is holding Nunavut Territory flag at Cambrige Bay Airport.

A view of the sunset from Qausuittuq Inns North Hotel, Resolute Bay.

We have been here a couple of days already, and "time flies", that's for sure. We have many things to prepare for our great adventure, so we have to spend the time right.

The cargo shipment arrived safely, thanks to Nippon Express, so all of our equipment is now been checked and arranged for the upcoming months.

The building where the equipment is stored and preparations are done.

We are staying at Qausuittuq Inns North Hotel, and we can for sure feel the hospitality of these nice people, which is a good help for us now.

By now, most formalities are in order, and we had an "In brief" by "Parks Canada" on telephone, with a loud speaker, the day after arrival. This is some of the things provided, besides the application we had to fill in, when you are planning to visit some of Canada's Parks. Our first part of the trip, we will travel trough Quttinirpaaq National Park, which is situated on Ellesmere Island. Because of the poor ice conditions in Ward Hunt Island area at the time, we are planning to walk on land and enter the National Park from the North.

A pole with distance and directions to different cities in the world, just outside our hotel, both Moscow and Tokyo is attached; maybe it's about time that a sign with Oslo is mentioned also?

Sunset in Nunavut

Thumbs up!
The team represented from left in our preparation building, the Norwegian expedition member Håvard Svidal-Haugan, the Russian expedition member Stepan Gvozdev, the expedition leader Mitsuro Oba and the base camp manager Joichi Kobanyashi.

Håvard Svidal-Haugan      

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