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2 Mar, 2008

Here, like nothing is easy, problems occur one after another. I feel useless. It is warm inside of buildings, but one step outside, you could easily die if you lost your way. This extreme cold would freeze you up right away if you are not dressed warm properly. In a strange place, everything is unknown, and I have to ask around and solve it one by one.

Being so far from home, I realize how much my life depends on other people and things. We need food, home, the sun, water, the air and place to sleep, and friends that you can joke and laugh with, or you can talk to when you are in trouble. Otherwise, life will be unbearable. We are being helped every day after day with so many people, physically and mentally.
Last night, the microphone for the internet phone suddenly gave up. You can never find it in a store here, and it will take a couple of weeks to order one. There is a guest at this hotel - a father of a 7 year old boy- who happens to have one. He kindly offers to lend it to me when I need to talk with the kids in our pilot schools.

I always thought that a person will go on an adventure to find out how strong one can be, but at the beginning of the adventure, everyone may feel how powerless you are. But perhaps because we are so helpless, we can be so appreciative when someone offers you a help. By asking for help, you may be connected with others and reminded how much we are supported by each other.
I suppose it may not be a bad thing to begin an adventure, knowing that you are helpless.

Noriko Miyashita