April 30, 2004

A few days ago, three other suns appeared on the top, left and right of the sun. I was seeing a sundog. The phenomenon is an illusion created from diverted sunlight in the atmosphere. The three suns were connected by a ring of light looking very godly. It was an amazing view.

The sundog often appears in slightly cludy days with alot of steam in the air. Lately we've had many warm days. In fact it was -8 degrees Celsius in the morning and -6 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. That may have been what caused the west wind today which Nagatani-san and I had never expected.

Practicing shooting in preparation for polar bear attacks

The warm, damp air from the west coast enveloped us with snow and clouds above the sky. But the west wind was a bit too weak to take us further. As a result, from time to time we had to walk on skis.

We are longing for the return of colder weather and the Katabatic wind that will carries us further and further away. So far we have traveled more than 600 kilometers in northern direction. It's 400 kilometers until the mid-way point where we will receive a resupply of food and goods, which we are very much looking forward to. T he only thing that concerns me is the weight. After the resupply, the sled will become heavier. I think there are always a pro and a con to anything.

Mitsuro Ohba      

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