April 12, 2005

At Inns North Hotel, the place we are staying in Resolute Bay, we often meet Wayne of the weather station and listen to what he says about global warming. He says that the shape of the sun is getting rounder year by year. He showed us the images on a computer. They were taken by a telescope camera. I couldn't tell the difference by the naked eye, though in figure the difference was apparent.

In cold atmosphere the sun looks squashed; in warm atmosphere its shape is round. The sunset in southern nations looks large; whereas, in the arctic it looks small. When the spring comes and the sun rises higher, warm air comes in and mixes with the cold atmosphere. When the cold and warm air crash in the atmosphere, the sun looks in multiple bar-like shapes and totally loses its original form.

Japanese Rooftop Sunset

"A very difficult sunset to analyse. The sunset is way late compared to official calculations, not only that it has very strange shapes. They are all images of the sun, from refraction effects caused by stable layers of air having dramatically different temperatures. Light, or images of the sun gets trapped, by means of refraction and or with reflection on Isothermal layer above the surface of ice and snow. No easy explanation can be given because there is no far away measurement of the air above snow and ice, the image distortions come from far away."

Wayne Davidson

The sun has different colors and accordingly it is called Red Flash, Blue Flash, and Green Flash. I myself saw Green Flash about 20 years ago when I solo trekked in the Canadian arctic. The sun was shining very beautifully. It was an awesome view. This is truly an art of the nature in the arctic. It is a pity that we may not be able to see such a beautiful sun anymore, as global warming progresses and lessens the cooling effect of the atmosphere.

4 Line Sunset

"A very complicated sunset consists of more than one image of the sun. This one has 4. With green flashes above. These suns were too bright for the naked eye to be really seen. Combined they were extremely brilliant, but with sun glasses, they were very beautiful. It is not possible to simulate with computer a 4 line sunset, because of complications caused by lack of data with the air far away from the Camera. A particular point of interest is that the horizon is blue during very late Arctic sunsets, this is explainable, and it is totally fascinating."

Wayne Davidson

I feel it is our mission as human beings to preserve the beauty of the nature on the earth. If anyone would like to look at the various images of the sun, you can find them at www.EH2r.com

Mitsuro Ohba    

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